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Our team stands ready to help  YOUR organization in drastically improving your departments/companies results without increasing your operating budget.

1. Free Initial Consultation

A quick 20 minute conversation to determine how best we can help you.

2. Baseline Audit

Our team conducts a baseline evaluation to identify your unrealized savings and improvement opportunities. Armed with benchmarked production rates and workloading tools to assess your staff and resource allocation, we will document where you are viable and where you need to improve.

3. Recommendations & Implementation

We will work closely with your team to develop and implement a pilot custodial or ES program based on best-practices, cost savings and program optimizations from your Baseline Audit. For large organizations, the pilot program is usually focused on one location or building.

We will provide a comprehensive report which will outline what elements of  your program are missing and what elements need to be installed, optimized or re-tuned. The report is a "to-do" list of the various levels of organizational responsibility.

4. Progress Audits & Benchmarking

Once your pilot program has been successfully implemented, we help you extend the program throughout the rest of your organization. Ongoing progress tracking is critical to the programs overall success.

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